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MAS LOGISTICS stepped forward in the global networking of forwarding Business 2001. We are one of the leading forwarders, N.V.O.C.C. in PAKISTAN having more than 50 skilled and devoted staff members in head office and in up-country branches, which are working day and night to achieve the goals of the management for taking the flag of MAS LOGISTICS high and high.

NO SET-UP can be successful without affixing their targets in front. All positive IDEAS for developing growth of the company are being shared in daily staff meetings and the same are encouraged by the management and implemented forthwith. This is the major reason of improving quality systems of MAS LOGISTICS.

Till the commencement of MAS LOGISITCS, NO STAFF has left the company. Reason behind, is the encouragement and all necessary support of the management. We have set upon comprehensive training arrangements for new comers and all such new recruits take charge of their responsibilities after getting and understanding goals of the management for boosting up the operations of MAS LOGISTICS in the local market as well as in the foreign market.

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